AMT JET DS-2 EKO Black 1l

AMT JET DS-2 EKO Black 1l

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Eco-solvent ink. Black + free pair of nitrile gloves, black

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AMT JET DS-2 ECO Black 1l + free pair of nitrile gloves, black
Eco-solvent ink for large format printing devices equipped with heads DX2, DX4, DX5, dx6 and DX7.

Designed to print on media:

- Banners,
- Monomeric film,
- A polymer film,
- OWV film,
- Canvas,
- Wallpaper
- Like.

Characteristics of ink:

- Certified by the Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres 8 grade 8 level scale światłoodpornosci which means min. 18 months fastness to light - time without color change
- Excellent color
- High ability to print on a wide range of media
- Stable operation over a wide temperature range
- Less fragrant than the original inks
- Allows printing in high speed modes with high quality
- Very gentle heads
- It does not contain highly toxic solvents - cyklohexanonu and n-methyl-pyrrolidone (NMP)

Eco-solvent ink compatible with plotters:

- SolJet Pro IV XF 640
- SolJet Pro III XJ,
- XC-540,
- SolJet Pro II V SJ
- VersaArt RS,
- VersaArt RE
- VersaCAMM VP


- JV3,
- JV33,
- JV5


- Rockhopper II
- ValueJet,
- Spitfire,
- Blizaard


Sunika 2000

Galaxy UD

And other appointed heads DX2, DX4, DX5, dx6, the DX7.


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