Secabo SB 100

Secabo SB 100


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Sandblast cabinet for sandblasting glasses, small metal items etc.
The cabinet comes with a standard pressure valve to attach to a compressor.

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Technical Data

sandblast cabinet:Secabo SB100
type:sandblast cabinet
air consumption:150l/min at 6 bar
operating pressure:approx. 6 bar
interior dimensions:570mm x 480mm x 360mm (width x depth x height)
features:1 blasting gun, 4 ceramic inserts in different sizes, multiple window fils which can be replaced. sandblasting gloves, filters, light

What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a form of treatment to a surface of a material or item. Hereby are objects blown with intense air pressure or a spinner and an abrasive/blasting material (such as glass granules, plastic granules or sand) in order to free the materials or surfaces from rust, paint or similar. The pressure is creative using a compressor. The blasting material is taken in through a flexible hose or pipe and blasted onto the material or object surface using a Venturi jet system.


Sandblasting is used in many different areas, amongst which it is used to clean metal objects and electrical parts or for the removal of paint, dirt or plaster. Apart from those uses, sandblasting offers many creative uses such as sandblasting surfaces to give them a matt finish, to label or inscribe glass, stone, and hard surfaces as well as tiles. By using sandblasting–film or masking-film labels or graphics are easily created. The areas under the film will not be affected by the sandblasting process.