OLFA CMP-2 Compass cutter

OLFA CMP-2 Compass cutter


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Knife with segment blade for cutting circles with diameter from 7 to 30 cm. Regulated depth of cutting and centre punch. The blade can be blocked with knob.

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Special compass for cutting circles, holes in materials like: cardboard, fireboard, leather, rubber flooring, plasterboard etc. The knife enables the cutting of circles with diameter from 7 to 30 cm.

The tool has fluent regulation of cutting diameter, thanks to the use of handle which moves along the slide and blocking it in right position.

The head of the blade is mounted rotary in handle.

Standard segment blades with width of 18 mm.


OLFA blades are very sharp. Take particular care while cutting and changing the blade. Used blades can be still dangerous, for this reason they should be secured before you throw them away. You can use the package of new blade or a special package OLFA DC-2 or DC-4.

Keep compass and blades out of children's reach!

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