ThermoCut Multiwire PRO 300 MAX

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ThermoCut Multiwire PRO 300 MAX


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ThermoCut Multiwire PRO 300 MIDI. Working area: 3000x1200mm.

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ThermoCut Multiwire PRO 300 MAX

THERMOCUT is a computer-controlledcutter which uses a titanium wire heated to a very high temperature (approx. 800 degrees Celsius). Hot wire technology allows to cut through many different types of foam. The digital control of working parameters with the possibility of creating your own material libraries result in cutting shapes with unique precision. Wide range of available finishing techniques allows to create illusion of different materials. Completed projects are well looked and not expensive.

With  THERMOCUT  you can cut any spatial object through different types of materials with density up to 60 kg/m3 and allowed to receive heat treatment like polystyrene, styrodur, polyurethane foams etc.

The practical application of THERMOCUT foam cutters


  • large format and wide format outdoor advertising

  • decorative letters and trademarks

  • trade graphics

  • logos

  • trading post stand


  • entrance features, portals,collonades

  • cornices and keystones

  • corners and columns

  • decorative features

  • interior design

  • scenography features (film and theatre)


  • casting molds

  • packaging

  • furnitures

  • pipe coverings

  • acoustic scrrens

  • designinig and modeling


  • possibility to create specific spatial project with unlimited size

  • finished items can be set on almost every surface type even glass

  • high resistance on atmospheric conditions

  • wide finishing materials and colours selection

  • low production cost

  • quick device repayment

Standard equipment:

  • multiwire cutter

  • electronic controller

  • wire supply: 6 rolls of resistant wire

  • control software  SoftCUT

  • user manual

  • rotary table (optional for plotters: Pro35, Pro240 and Pro300)

  • shape wire adapter (optional on plotters: Pro35, Pro240 and Pro300)

Optional equipment:

  • operators panel with LCD

  • automatic wire tensioner

  • additional cutting wires


Element tensioning wire is stepper motor co- working with the spring tensioner through the closed-loop feedback system.


  • tension roller containing a supply of cutting wire

  • wire tension control by means of buttons on the frame plotter

  • storing the settings in EEPROM devices’ memory

  • tensioner locking switch in a fixed position

  • loosing engine switch to help establishing the wire

LCD operator panel:

Pilot ThermoCut 
An innovative approach to work on a thermal plotter.
It provides the functionality of a PC with control software in a small handy housing.

Optionally, the plotter can be equipped with inclined cutting heads.
The solution is dedicated to companies that, in addition to cutting out styrofoam moldings, have the task of cutting into slices.
The technology of bevelled wires prevents the plates from being damaged by the falling material when all wires are removed from the material at the same time.

The multi-wire plotter can be additionally equipped with belt conveyors and vertical cutting wires
creating a universal line for cutting and formatting styrofoam blocks.
MW linia cięcia bloków

SoftCUT Control Software

Hardware Requirements:

  • Minimum: Pentium, 256 MB Ram, Windows XP/ Vista

Basic Functions:

  • HPGL and DXF file format support - 2D projects 
  • RAW file format support - 3D projects 
  • Automatic objects merging, and figures lines ofintersection determining 
  • Cutting figures with simultaneously segements assigned 
  • Foam cutters manual controling for X and Y axes
  • Table rotation manual controling
  • Possibility of defining different proccesing configurations
  • Resistant component usage warning system
  • Cut simulation and preview 
  • Projects scaling
  • Duplicating project 
  • Cutting mode "perspective")
  • Irregular solids of revolution (3D) creation using cutting projects - possibility of loading drawings with rotation's angle definition between particular profiles cutting 
  • 3D project preview 
  • The ability to continue the cutting process after the cutting wire has been severed

Additional Software:

  • Any program with HPGL or DXF files export function ( CorelDraw or AutoCAD)
  • 3D modelling application ( Rhino3D, MadCam)




X workspace (lenght)

300 cm

Y workspace (height)

120 cm

cutting wire length

300 cm

resistant wire diameter

0,35 mm

forming wire diameter

0,9 mm

adressed resolution

0,01 mm / 1mm

max. shift speed

2000 mm/min

max. working speed

1000 mm/min

resistant wire cooling

28 cooling fans

number of stepping motors


cutter construction

reinforced aluminum profiles

power supply


power consumption

4 kW


port  USB

forming wire


revolving table




independent arm motion "perspective"





330 kg


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