Automatic Welding Machine FORPLAST®-P

Automatic Welding Machine FORPLAST®-P

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The efficient and manoeuvrable Automatic Welding Machine Fortschoff hot air for the production of tarpaulins and banners.

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Product Features:


  • lap welding range: width 20, 30, 40 or 45mm,
  • the possibility of conversion to automatic welding 50mm HF bands, or tape sealing machine
  • for customs 7/9mm,
  • extra for automatic wrapping PVC material to seal 20 and 30mm or 40 and 45mm,
  • Heating power 3400W at 230V for electronically controlled nozzles 20 and 30mm,
  • Heating power 4000W at 230V for electronically controlled nozzles 40 and 45mm,
  • The machine starts automatically after inserting the blower sealing,
  • Optional cooling the heating element after use-after switching to switch the blower sealing item. 0,
  • welding speed of 0 to 19 m / min,
  • device compensates for slight unevenness in the floor during the welding process,
  • 3-point support equipment for the proper pressure tarpaulin.

    Welding performance:

    Tilt: 6 to 8 m / min
    Tape 3 to 4 m / min
    Materials banner, Mesh Mesh Mesh Foil: 10-12 m / min

    Areas of application:


  •      Manufacturers tarpaulins and canvas sliding
  •      Manufacturers of tents, tent halls
  •      Facilities for recreation and outdoor activities
  •      Manufacturers of PVC banners

    All welders provide warranty service.