Accepting the Regulations is an expression of will to enter into agreement with Administrator on terms laid down in Regulations.

I. General terms

1. Definitions

The terms used herein shall have the following meaning:

Commercial Information- commercial information within the meaning of law from 18th July 2002, of services by electronic means (Journal of Laws from 2002, Number 144, position 1204 as amended);

Newsletter- message passed via e-mail including commercial information within the meaning of law from 18th July 2002, of services by electronic means (Journal of Laws from 2002, Number 144, position 1204 as amended);

Portal- Information portal available on

Regulations- Portal Regulations;

Administrator- Logos Trade Ltd with headquarters in London, Uxbridge Road 40-44, W5 2BS London NIP: GB 137681786.

Agents of cooperation- agents the Administrator cooperates with.

User- person who agreed for Newsletter subscription;

Service- Newsletter Service;

2. Legal nature of Portal

The Portal is maintained by Administrator and is of his ownership.

Portal is made for Users and people who are not users, but want to get familiar with the content published on the portal.


The types and the scope of services offered via electronic means.

3. Scope of services.

The services offered by Administrator through portal base on:

-to enable the free access to the materials gathered in connection with Portal functioning,

-to receive the Newsletter including commercial offers, especially commercial information about the Administrator's and cooperation agents' services.

-to receive from Administrator commercial information, especially the ones about the Administrator's and cooperation agents' services.

-to share user's e-mail to cooperation agents if separately agreed by the user.

-to receive commercial information especially the ones about cooperation agents' services from commercial agents if separately agreed.

The agreement for services by electronic means enters into force from the moment of entering personal data in form used for Newsletter subscription. From that moment the Administrator is obliged to provide services which are laid down in Regulations.

III. Conditions for the provision of services via electronic means

4. Technical requirements necessary for using Portal.

Operating system: Windows 7 (without Home Basic version), Windows 8 and Windows 10, Android (from 4.4 version), Mac, iOS 8.0 (or newer), Linux

RAM memory: above 2GB (available) for operating systems, above 128 MB for android system (smartphones, tablets)

Minimum screen resolution 1024×768 and all above



Supported browsers:

Google Chrome- the most recent stable version

Mozilla Firefox- the most recent stable version

Microsoft Edge- the most recent stable version

Opera the most recent stable version

The rest of browsers or not fulfilling the minimal requirements may cause insufficient page display.

5. The risk coming from provision of services and security of the data.

The systems and applications that are used by the Administrator provide high standard of security and protection of personal data.

The user should be aware that using Newsletter service requires using public telecommunication network (Internet), which is connected with the increase of risk of following threats:

-the possibility of receiving spam, which can be described as unsolicited advertising or commercial information transferred via electronic means;

-the presence and work of malware software, including: computer virus, described as specific software which after opening, is able to infect files so that they reproduce, making copies of themselves usually without discovery by the user;

-the viruses can be more or less damaging for the operation system, data carrier of this type of software can be attachments to the electronic mail;

-the presence and the activity of internet worms, which are harmful software able to make copy of themselves, in this case the lack of proper use of software (lack of software update) by user can lead to successful attack of internet worms;

-the possible functioning of spyware software that spies users' activities on the internet, and also installs itself without user's awareness, acceptance and control;

-the possibility of being exposed to cracking (hacking) or phishing;

-sniffing- not permitted tap, other than cracking and phishing, but based on the use of sniffer- computer programme, whose task is to store and possibly analyse data transmissions;

-the possibility of being exposed to another unwanted or harmful software, that carry out the activity not planned by the user;


The conditions for conclusion and termination of agreements for the provision of such services via electronic means.

6. The terms of conclusion of agreement

The service agreement can be concluded by people who provided their e-mail and marked the box with receiving commercial information in contact form and accepted the Regulations.

7. Conditions for terminating the Agreement

The termination of Agreement can be concluded, especially:

I. Upon User's request at any time, especially by using button "sign off" which is placed in footnote in every Newsletter;

II. On Administrator's initiative, in case of User's non-compliance with obligations required in Regulations.

III. By lodging of a statement of opposition to processing a personal data.

IV. The Administrator reserves the right to close the Portal for any reason with earlier notification to Users about it.

V. Personal-data protection, confidentiality, copyrights, comments

8. Personal-data protection.

The Administrator is the administrator of personal-data that are collected for the purpose of Portal conducting.

The administrator ensures the enforcement of obligations under the Act form 29 August 1997 concerning personal-data protection (Journal of Laws from 2015, position 2135).

The Administrator ensures the confidentiality and personal-data protection to Users who use Portal base on the policies established in Regulations.

If the User permitted, he will receive on e-mail, which he chose in Newsletter subscription form, commercial information and marketing content which refers to third parties.

According to privacy policy (as link), which was published on Portal, the Administrator will be sending commercial information concerning his products and services, until the User raises an objection. The User may withdraw his/her consent to the processing and transfer of his/her personal data at any time. Withdrawal of consant may be proceeded in any form, especially through sending a claim to e-mail address: [email protected]

The Administrator may publish banners, links of other webpages and internet portals. Using the banner or the link the user navigates the page belonging to another owner.

Personal data are not made available to other entities without permission, however there may appear scrypts on portal, which follow activity on the websites, embedded plugs, the portal uses. In order to turn off a plug, please install Ghostery plug or other similar one with the same functions.

9. Copyrights

Both content layouts on Portal and its parts, as written materials, photos, graphic and others, are generally protected by the regulations under the Act form 4 February 1994 concerning copyright and the rights related to copyright (unifrom text (Journal of Laws from 2006, number 90, position 631 as embedded. Each user is obliged to respect the copyrights under pain of civil-legal and criminal liability resulting from the above regulations. It is possible to use texts published on in the extent of permitted personal use. Using texts from secabo.pkl in for other purpose doesn not require the consent of Logos Trade Ltd, provided that every copy includes note as follows: "Texts were taken from"

The above agreement does not concern photos and other materials, which are not texts.

Photos used for posts come from paid photo banks or available free of charge CC licenses or come from public domain.

VI. The complaint procedures, contact with user, information and commercial messages, changes to the regulations

10. The complaint procedures

The Administrator is obliged to remove irregularities in Portal functions within technically reasonable time, in case the user reported that by sending the message on [email protected]. All messages concerning Portal should be sent to [email protected]

11. Procedures of amendments to the Regulations

The Administrator reserves the right to amendments to the Regulations.

Information about amendments to the Regulations will be communicated to the users through sepearte electronic mail, addressed directly to this person.

The regulations and amendments enter into force on the day of it publication on Portal's home page.

12. Law and competent court

All legal relations arising from the Rules shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Great Britain. Any disputes shall be settled by a British General Court of factual and local jurisdiction.

13. Interpretation and construal of Rules

Section titles shall only be of information character and shall not affect the interpretation hereof.