§ 1 General terms
1. These regulations (hereinafter: “Regulations” describes the rules of using services supplied by electronic means by Logos Trade Ltd with headquarters in London, Uxbridge Road 40-44, W5 2BS London NIP: GB 137681786 defined in these Regulations as “Service Provider”. Moreover, these Regulations are Regulations referred to in Article 8 of Act dated 18 July 2002 on provision of services by electronic means (Journal of Laws from 2002, Number 144, position 1204 as amended).
2. The regulations are made public to the Users free of charge through internet portal, which was mentioned in § 2 point 1 passage c) of Regulations, in a way that buyers can access and record its content with the use of a teleinformative system, which is used by the user.
3. The Service Provider provides services by electronic means in accordance with the Regulations.
4. Every User is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Regulations.

§ 2 Definitions
1. Commercial information- every information aimed directly or indirectly to promote the goods, services or entrepreneur.
2. Newsletter- message passed via e-mail by electronic means including commercial information.
3. Portal- system of online websites created by the Service  Provider available on
4. Product- goods and services which are available on on-line system.
5. On-line system- system which belongs to the service provider.
6. Computerised system- An ICT system means a group of cooperating IT devices and software providing for processing, storing, as well as sending and receiving data via telecommunication by means of a terminal appropriate for the given type of network with the meaning of the Telecommunications Law of 16 July 2004 (Journal of Laws no. 171, item 1800, as amended).
7. The provision of services by electronic means- performance of the service, which takes place by sending and receiving data through communications systems at the individual request of a user of the system, without the simultaneous presence of the parties, whereby the data is transmitted over a public network, as defined in the § 1 Act 1 of Regulations.
8. User- natural person or empowered representative of legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, but to whom an act has granted a legal capacity using services available through websites that belong to the Service Provider.
9. Service Provider- Logos Trade Ltd with headquarters in London, Uxbridge  Road 40-44, W5 2BS London NIP: GB 137681786.

§ 3 Services

The Service Provider provides by Portal following services (“ Providing services via electronic means”):
a) presentation of business activity made by Service Provider including Service Providers' offers.
b) sending information about the latest news and events related to Service Provider's business activity.
1. Using of services via electronic means by Service Provides is possible provided that computerized system, which is used by the Service Provides, meets minimal technical specifications:
a) use of internet browsers: (for example) Internet Explorer 9.0, Firefox 17, Opera 12, Safari 5, Chrome 23 or newer versions with installed software for Java Script.
b) the use of software available to read files in format *.PDF, *.DOC, *.DOCX
c) website is optimized to 1024×768 resolution the possibility to install Cookies files.
2. If the User does not accept the rules described in these Regulations or the equipment, which is used by the user, does not meet the technical requirements described in the Regulations, it is no longer possible to use the Portal.

§ 4 Users Obligations

The User acknowledge and agree that it is prohibited to provide to the Service Provider of content that is unlawful or offensive, content that may be misleading or content that contains viruses or that is likely to cause disruption or damage to IT systems.

§ 5 The responsibility of Service Provider
1. The Service Provider does not bear responsibility for any technical problems or problems with the computer, which is used by the User and prevent the user from benefiting from services.
2. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any interruption in the provision of services arising from the failure or malfunction of communication systems independent of Service Providers.

§ 6 Complaints

1. All claims concerning the service based on hereby Regulations may be lodged by sending an email to [email protected] or business address: Logos Trade Ltd, headquarters in London, Uxbridge Road 40-44, W5 2BS London.
2. The complaint should include:
a. the word  Complaint” in the title of a message;
b. the User’s data allowing contact with him and his identification as a Portal User (if those data are required)
c. circumstances justifying User's complaint
d. time and date when the malfunction took place.
3. Claims /complaints will be considered within 14 days following the receipt of a written complaint form which has been sent to the address specified in the declaration.
4. The Service Provider in response will indicate if the complaint is accepted and how the Service Provider and how it intends to consider or to indicate a lack of grounds for granting the complaint and the reasons for its position.
5. The User is obliged to provide the additional information concerning the malfunction of the service upon the request of Service Provider.

§ 7 Copyrights
All the materials published on Portal, photographs, text and graphic materials especially trade mark, forms, patterns and other content are subject to copyright by the Service Provider

§ 8 The final provisions
1.  In  matters not covered by the Regulations shall apply provisions of Polish Civil code and Act on the providing services by electronic means Act on personal data protection.
2. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the Regulations due to important reasons. Valid reasons such as: implementation of new regulations, amendments of current Regulations, adapting to changes in service Providers' offers.
3. The Service Provider informs about changes in Portal Regulations through publication of communication.
4. All legal relations arising from the Rules shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Great Britain. Any disputes shall be settled by a British General Court of factual and local jurisdiction.
5. The court competent to adjudicate any disputes resulting from applying the herewith Regulations will be the Court competent according to statutory provisions.